Sunday, December 6, 2009

31 weeks!!

Just when you think you can't get any bigger... you realize that you can. :) So this will be short because I feel guilty that I am "blogging" when I have been freaking out about my dreadful Stats final tomorrow and should be studying. Life has been crazy for both Aaron and I. We're just trying to get through finals week and how is it that the month of December always seems to fill up with things to do and places to go? Beats me! But once finals are all over with, I am committing myself to get ready for this baby girl's arrival! (I would also like to get SOME Christmas decorations up... like my tree... before Christmas is here and gone.) So as you can see, I have plenty to do. Now I just gotta do it!
Oh, I have to tell this story. Today is Sunday, the great day we attend church. Well I cut Aaron's hair (did the sideburns lopsided) and I was showered and ready to go... just needed to find a dress to wear. Well honestly? I was probably the most PURE STRUGGLE girl I have ever seen! I tried tights (which has no been cut out of my limited options of things to wear.) I tried some dress with boots, and my belly was so big it made it too short and I couldn't get the tights off of me. And I just fell to the ground and pouted. :) My sweet husband Aaron just basically said, "Sit." Ha And he grabbed some clothes, and some leggings, and some boots and helped me get ready (because it is seriously getting hard to put things like leggings and boots on) and he made me feel better about myself. But it was pretty rough. Needless to say, we missed Sacrament meeting. But I just needed to say how lucky I am to have a sweet husband who is willing to take care of me... especially during the rough little moments like this morning!
See you next time with more belly bump pictures!


Kate said...

Kenzi My friend!!! It found you in the blogger world! I am so happy! Can i just say...YOU LOOK AMAZING! I know you may not feel that way! But you really do look great! I hope you rdoing well..I am excited I can keep up with you through our blogs! best of luck in the up coming weeks!

Ashley Eliza said...

kenz you are darling! aaron gave me your blog! stay in touch! i stil have your engagement pics i need to email!