Friday, November 27, 2009

29 weeks!

So I am a little late on this whole blogging thing. This is my sweet awesome belly... AGAIN at 29 weeks. However, I am almost 31 weeks now. I guess my co-worker and I have just been busy and haven't had much time to take belly shots... in the bathroom. (Yes, the purple background adds a lovely touch to the pictures and the toilet is about a foot behind where I always stand. haha) But no one really needs to know that.
Good news, I passed the Glucose test and so I still just doing great and hanging in there. I just have to tell this story because it made me smile so much. My cute husband (I should probably get some pictures of him on here so I don't look so self-blog-centered huh!) but he was holding my tummy the other night and she was just kicking and moving and doing all the crazy things babies like to do inside the womb and he got down close to my belly and just said, "Shhh.... it's ok baby... daddy's here." And to most who are reading this are probably thinking "Wow, can we say cheesy?" But it just made me melt. I don't know how to describe the feelings that you encounter when all of a sudden it is YOUR child and YOUR family. It is very cute and to all who don't have kids yet, I highly reccommend this adventure in life. :)
I am currently in Cedar City, UT with my in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday and it has been a great time. Tomorrow my muth-in-law, and 2 sister-in-laws are throwing a baby shower for me. This will be the first one and Baby and I are extremely excited. So we will be back for more fun and excitement hopefully not too long from now.

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