Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby does not want to come out!

This is me at 39 weeks! Can you see my belly button poking out? And my face is definitely saying something to the effect of, "Wow, if someone doesn't get this baby out soon, I might strangle someone!?"

This is still 39 weeks with a sweater. So the story goes like this: I went to the Dr. He stripped my membranes and said, "The baby is still sitting pretty high." Basically, it wasn't as effective but was hoping it would help progress things a little faster. I looked at him with high hopes and said, "So...? What's my progression?" And he said very sadly, "You're still the same." I couldn't even believe it. Then even better he said, "We cannot start you (if there are no other complications going on - which there hasn't been any at all) until you are at least ONE WEEK OVERDUE!? So I walked out of the Dr's office, in serious depression. The end. (of that part)

40 weeks!! I made it!! Today is Feb. 2nd... the ultimate due date. As you can see by this picture, I changed my attitude and I have been trying to stay positive because she will come when she wants to come. So hopefully this is the last picture we ever post of my prego belly pics. Aaron and I are patiently waiting for her to arrive anyday now. (The waiting game is definitely a challenge for us.) But it will all be ok and we can't wait to meet her!
Now... any ideas for how we can get her out quicker? We are open to suggestions! ha (Except for Castor Oil... that's already a big HECK no!)
And if you could just start crossing your fingers that she will come soon, it would be much appreciated!


Nicole said...

Karen and I were talking about you today in class... we are super excited for you to have your baby, so you should tell her to come quick. :) I hope everything goes ok, and I can't wait to meet her! love you!

Leslee Belle said...

i went a week over with Ainslee and i did not dialate at ALL! so i had an appointpoint set up to go get started and i went into labor midnight before i was supposed to go in... and everything people say to try doesnt work! so if i was you i'd just lay on the couch and veg while you can! lol.. good luck!

Lynnette said...

You look adorable! Hopefully your sweet little girl will be in your arms tonight!