Sunday, January 24, 2010

39 weeks and Miserable?... Never even crossed my mind.

Does this face read miserable to you? Ha I'm really trying not to complain and just go with the flow but there just comes a point when you're thinking, "COME ON!!" I went to the baby doc on Thursday and I dilated an entire HALF centimeter from the last time I was there! I was a little disappointed but being sad won't hurry things along so I'm trying to keep a smile on. My Dr. gave us an estimate of her size and said maybe about 7.5lbs. I think that sounds alright. He said he'd be suprised if she came out 8lbs. So we will just have to see how close he really is.
I have been having a lot more contractions lately it seems and so hopefully that means good things as far as progression goes. But I am 90% sure she's going to come sometime this week. (Ha! Just wait, I'll be back next week going over my due date or something.) But it will all be wonderful so we will keep you posted.

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The Jarretts said...

I had no idea you were pregnant!! Congrats! How is everything else going for you guys? Things are good here in ole' Cedar City! Just keeping my eye on your fam, especially Ben haha. OH and p.s. I found your blog off of Kaylee's. I am not a stalker haha