Thursday, July 1, 2010

MOAB 2010

Aaron's dad's side of the family had their family reuinion in Moab, UT this last weekend. It was a really long drive for such a short trip, I wish we could have stayed a little bit longer. But it was still a nice break in our regular routine and it was great for me to get to know that side of the family a bit more. (There's only like 12 kids and a good chunk of them live in New Mexico.) I think I feel pretty confident that if I was quizzed on all their names, I could do it... maybe? :) Anyway, we started out with dinner at a restaurant. And we stayed in these sweet little cabins. (It reminded me of a pioneers home, except we had a nice piece of equip called AC which I was so thankful for.) Saturday we got up headed to the Arches National Park. Those structures always seem to amaze me whenever I see them. As you're staring at some really tall pillar with a big round ball (rock) balancing on the top, it's just like, "How did that happen?!" It was really cool. We did a little hiking around. Aaron's favorite was probably hiking with Hadlie's stroller and Hadlie strapped in tight. Her face was so solemn as her dad was making the typical boy sound for trucks climbing some serious mountains. "Vrrmmm Vrrmmmm!" Haha After a hot day of the arches, we went to the swimming pool and had a lot of fun there. We put Hads in her cute little pink polka-dotted swim suit and she wasn't a fan of the water at first, but neither was I because it's really cold when you first touch it. She eventually got used to it and I think she kind of liked it! I enjoyed just laying on a chair under the hot sun. It's not everyday that I get that relaxing opportunity! After the pool, we met for dinner, skits/family stories and just talked for awhile. Actually, one of Aaron's cousins is a chiropractor and has just started acupuncture and of course he brought all of his supplies. So he was poking needles in people's hands and arms. That is crazy stuff! He adjusted my wrists also, that was pretty nice. All we needed was another cousin who did massage therapy or something like that. Then we really would have been set! The next morning came and it was time to pack up and get back on the road again. (See, I told you it was pretty short.) But it was so good to see Aaron's family. It's always a fun time whenever we're around them. They just can't get enough of Hadlie and it's so fun to watch Grandma and Grandpa with her. We love you guys! Thanks for the fun little trip!

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