Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pay It Forward

I'm sure most mother's know this but did you realize that childcare costs around $450/mo. for an infant?! Yeah, my thoughts exactly, "Wow that is almost how much rent costs!" Why work if your entire paycheck is going to pay someone else to watch your child? Well as you can see, we have been stressed out a little on what we were going to do come Aug when Hadlie can't come with me to work anymore. The thought of it all just makes me want to cry. :( But you do what you have to do. And staying in that building all day long is getting old for Hadlie. She's starting to get so anxious to just go-go-go. Which is completely normal and I'm glad she is like that, but when you are trying to sit at a computer and get things done so you don't get fired, it can get a little frustrating. So I know that it will be a good thing, but I sure will miss her during the day. Well on with my story, pretty much I just need to say how thankful I am for such good women in the world. A couple ladies cornered me after a church activiy and basically were not going to take no for an answer. One of them said, "Did your husband pass on the message that I will watch Hadlie when you have to go back to work?" I said very sheekishly, "Yes..." She looked at me with a serious face... "I AM SERIOUS." Haha (She's like one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met. But she just said, "You don't have to pay me. I know what it is like being in the stage you're at. I was once there. People helped my husband and I out, and now it is our turn to give back." The other lady is my visiting teacher and she said, "Yep! And I'm gonna also help out. So she can have Mon., Wed., Fri., and I'll take Tues. and Thurs. When do we start?" My heart was just so filled with gratitude. It is seriously amazing to me at the goodness in some people's hearts. These women are such great example's to me and I will constantly remember that when I am at a stable stage of life, it will be my turn to Pay It Forward to someone else in need, a lesson we all could remember.


The Wintertons said...

That is so great! I definitely know how you feel! I had to pay people to watch Kyler but at least they didn't ask for much. It was still so hard though

Neugebauers said...

Thats great news! I'm glad that you have good people living around you. Especially since I would like to help but I live so far away. Its nice to know there are people that love you just as much :)

This is a great blessing for your family, one that you guys have earned through your faith and living the way you should. It just goes to show that we all have ways of helping our brothers and sisters out and you never know when you will be the answer to someone else's prayers.

I'm so glad to see everything coming together for you! Love you and miss you lots!