Friday, August 20, 2010

This sums up JULY for ya!

Although she wasn't going #2, that is usually the face she pulls to a T.

Blue Steel?

Aaron's mom and brother came up to stay with us for a whole week. It was so fun having them with us but we didn't take any pics. However, we did take a sweet drive out to Paradise and then we ended up going all the way out to Porcupine Dam and took a little family photo. It was so pretty! (Too bad it was getting dark.)
Look at this big girl holding her bottle. I just realized today that her first tooth is cutting through!! And she also does the army crawl. She can scoot herself anywhere she pleases now. She is such a busy body and I am getting nervous for the day that she becomes mobile. She just keeps getting bigger and bigger everyday. She had her 6 month check up and she currently weighs 18.5lbs and was 27-some odd inches tall. She is getting so big and it is so fun to watch her keep growing. I am starting to now understand what parents always meant by "they always grow up so fast" because Hadlie hasn't even turned 1 yet and I can't believe how much she has grown. Everyday brings something new it seems.

And yes, this is for REAL. I about died, but I kept my cool long enough to take a picture. Haha (Who cares about killing it when you can play photoshoot, right!?) Anyway, I feel like we live in a swamp. I have a story to tell, hang on to your seats because it's a wild one...
My mom was picking me up early in the morning so we could go to the temple. I don't really function in the real early morning but knew I should go. I was in the kitchen getting myself a quick bite to eat so I didn't starve during the session. I had only but a dim light on when all of a sudden, I saw a little ball of a shadow hippety-hoppeting on the kitchen floor. I immediately flipped on the full kitchen light and yes, I had a FROG hopping around on my kitchen floor. All I can say is what the heck? I swear I never posted a sign that said ALL living creatures welcome into my little apartment of a home. Ew, gross, yuck!! I just want them all to go away and now that Hadlie is here it is scary to spray certain things. So that's the story of our lives right now. If anyone needs bugs (or apparently frogs) for a school project, come on over, we have a great variety going on!
My new favorite blog to check out:
I was just being a blog-stalker one day and came across this blog. It is my new favorite. She has the greatest recipes on it and she has humor and she has this way of making you believe in yourself. (You can tell I have some issues with my cooking abilities.) Anyway, she has tons of great things but I tried these the other day. "Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes" and they turned out so cute. To be honest, they weren't my favorite but that's ok because how do you know if you like something if you never try it?
We were up at the cabin in Bear Lake with my family over the 24th of July. It was a lot of fun, but mostly it is just fun to take a break from your daily duties in the real world. Aaron and I were able to go watch "Bandito Rides Again" at Pickleville Playhouse. This was the 3rd "episode" if you will and we have seen them all. And some people I think may get Juanito Bandito-ed out, but we never do. It's almost as if it just keeps getting funnier and funnier every year. I'm pretty sure we're like Bandito's #1 fans. Also I have to throw a shout out of thanks to my friend Laura and her husband Body because they are the awesome peeps who hooked us up with the tickets to go so thanks so much you guys. They even got us the real deal CD. Now I can listen to Bandito and his funny jokes all day long! (Don't worry, I'll try to avoid overkill with it.)
If you are wondering to yourself, "Dang that pie looks great, I wonder who made it?" I will tell you who made it... I did! I made an entire pie from scractch (minus the graham cracker crust, long story, ask Aaron for details.) I got the recipe from and it turned out so dang good. The name of the pie is Bear Lake Raspberry Pie and yes, that is seriously THE Bear Lake sitting right behind it in the photo. (I was pretty proud of that cleverness!) Oh and a special thanks to my mom who was monitoring my pie making abilities. I almost destroyed it because I made homemade whipped cream and I had NO idea you have to sweeten that stuff, otherwise it tastes like straight butter... imagine that, since that is what whipping cream turns into when whipped long enough. And now you know that...
This is my cutie-batootie husband Aaron who has skin that burns like fire and nothing more! As you can see, he takes the whole protecting yourself from the sun extremely serious. (I however thought I was invincible from the sun, and then the sun reminded me that I was not... blasted sun!!)
Aaron and I took Hadlie down to 1st Dam at the entrance of the Logan canyon. I really like that place. It was just nice to take a picnic and relax.

I love this picture! Check out both of their tongues. Neener-nanner!

4th of July Celebrations!!
You know you are celebrating with a small town when kids are sitting in a tractor like this for the parade. I went with my parents to the Deweyville breakfast and parade to support my brothers little family. It was funny. The best part was that after they went through one way for the parade, they all flipped around and came by again! Ha But on a more serious note, they have what is called the Candy Bomber and it is this older man who flys his little plane above the ball field and has tied all these bags of candy and he drops them like parachutes and the little kids just run all over like crazy getting their bags of candy. He proabably dropped around 200 bags. It was really fun to watch.

That is my sister in law Misty on the end holding Paityn and Wyler is folding over right next to her. They have a huge family but it is a lot of fun for them to be in the parade every year!
Wyler even had his birthday noticed on the town marque. He turned 9 this year. I can't believe it! It honestly seems like yesterday that he was just this tiny little baby. Happy Birthday bud!
Hadlie's first firework show! We're still working on the whole look at the camera concept but at least you can see the firework right?! These were the USU fireworks. It was a lot of fun to watch Hadlie. She loved them. Her jaw would drop as she stared in awe.
Grandpa Lane and Hadlie Layne.
Grandma Petersen and Hadlie.

So life is good, still busy as ever but I don't think that will ever change. Hadlie loves going to her babysitters. Melanie and Nikkala have both been the biggest blessings by watching Hadlie so willingly every day of the week while Aaron and I work. It's not the easiest thing to do, but you do what you have to do and I am just so grateful for those ladies (and their cute little boys who seem to make Hadlie laugh all the time.)

Aaron and I both start school in a week and we are SO excited! But we're even more excited to be FINISHED!! This Fall, we're all ready to graduate, we just have to pass our classes. We are just two poor college students who are working our hardest every day, and trying to be the best parents we know how to be, and we are so poor, but life couldn't be better. I just know that great opportunities are just waiting at our doorstep. Patience is a virtue and Heavenly Father is always aware of our needs. He will take care of all of us, because we are HIS children.

In the meantime... I'll keep you updated on Lagoon. (Aaron had a sweet hook up so we could actually afford the tickets.) I am excited but so excited for Aaron because it's his first time!!
Lagoon... It's where FUN is!


Anonymous said...

She is so adorable!!! Wish that you guys lived closer so we could see all your faces!! Looks like you're having fun with the summer!! Hadlie is getting so big!!! Miss you and Love you!

Neugebauers said...

You should post more.... I know you don't have time. I just want to see pics of the babe. :) haha