Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another wrap up WITH pics


So here we are, 3 months ago. :) My mom and sister in law Lindsey came over yonder to Cache Valley to experience the glorious pumpkin walk. I am pretty sure everyone and their dogs attend this event... probably because it is kid friendly and it is FREE! But Hadlie and Graysen had a fun time running around.

Jessie, Buzz, and Woody. (That was tricky by the way with those little kiddos.)

Miss Princess Hadlie Cinderella.


It is always a fun time at Gardener Village with the aunts and sister in laws. This year we were missing lots of usual attendees. But it's all good. We went and had a blast. This was MY first year anyway going for the Halloween witches theme. We always go with the Elves closer to Christmas. So it was different but it was jam packed full of people... EVERYWHERE! Which makes it kind of stressful. But we survived and still had a great time. What would we do with ourselves if we never had any traditions...

Hadlie and Aunt Sal.

Hadlie's Grandma took her to a face painting station while we were there. She got a sparkly butterfly and boy did she love it. She didn't want to take it off when we were going to bed. :) 


This is our sweet neighbor Diana. She is very musically inclined and is involved with this group called Music for the Small and the Tall and they do these fun events for little kids ages 3 and up. Well Diana gave Hadlie a special invite to come because she knows how much she loves music. We went and Hadlie had a blast! She was definitely a lot younger than all the other kids... haha But she didn't care. She just kind of did her own thing in her own little world. They handed out candy and she was in heaven... The word "treat" is a bad word in our house... haha 

Random funny picture of Hadlie wearing her swim protector thingy (not sure what people call those things?) on top of her head... goofy girl.


Grandpa Doolin reading some Green Eggs & Ham to Miss Hadlie Bug. I thought this was so precious. She doesn't get to see these guys as much because they live in Cedar City but it has been fun watching her get to know them all so well. It makes me happy. :) 

Wait? What is this?... A date you say? Bahaha Yes indeed. I took my lover boy out on a DATE to the Pizza Factory for his birthday while Aunt Kelsie watched Hadlie. I don't think I have ever eaten so much salad in my life! (And on a side note, I threw it all up that night with the stomach flu... it was awesome and I never thought I would eat salad again.)

Daddy sharing some of his delicious HOMEMADE German Chocolate Birthday Cake with Hadlie.

A Project I started a little too early on...
I am missing one pic because I never took it, but I actually covered the seats myself. You're really missing out on that missing picture. haha This set was from my inlaws when we got married and we honestly don't ever use the table except to collect stuff on but our walls are all white and the table is straight up white and the metal chairs are white and I keep asking Aaron for a new table but he keeps saying we don't need one right now. So I thought I would jump on this project in November or maybe December? Needless to say, I couldn't feel my fingers after I did it and it snowed the next day. :) haha So I will have to finish this come spring. But what do you think? The chairs have class, you have to admit. haha


After Shot #1

After Shot #2

We stacked a lot of blocks that night... 

Family Pic I used for a christmas card. I didn't send out very many... so don't be offended. If you are looking at this right now, just think of it as a "Seasons Greetings! With love, the Doolins"


My two cute piano students at our Christmas recital held at the Assisted Living Center. It was a BLAST! Those people were singing along and clapping and having a great time. 

I think that's all! Oct, Nov, Dec all summed up in a Nutshell! I am going to TRY to continue to keep this posted more as I realize that there are people who actually read this and like to see what is going on because we don't see each other very often. Gotta run, piano student is about to come to my door! 

Oh and P.S. I started a ZUMBA class that I found for free. It is straight up Latino music and ladies and it is SO much fun. Can't believe it took me almost 24 years to discover it. If you haven't done it, I suggest you give it try. You don't even feel like you are working out. It is a blast. 

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I love your hair short! It's really cute! Love your little family!