Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Completely random stuff...?

So below, I have pics of a sweet headband that I made with my sewing machine... That's right. I have been getting to know that baby more and more - I'm sure I have a long ways to go before I make anything too miraculous BUT these headbands were pretty miraculous to me. :) let me know if you want one, I'd love to make you one... It gives me more practice.

There is a picture of Hadlie's awesome hair whenever she is on our neighbors couch! It's amazing.

Another picture (I'm not sure what order these pics are posting bc I'm doing this on my phone and don't really know what I'm doing?!) is hadlie and her cousin Paityn holding the world's biggest cotton candy from the Logan Summerfest!! (they were bigger than them!)

Another one of Hadlie just being cute on some girl's soccer ball at a high school graduation party. And then there's a pic of Hadlie in her new pj's that Grandma Petersen got her when we went to the Disney Store at the city creek mall. They are her favorite - we basically have a tiffy every morning with me trying to get her to change into clothes and she would rather hang with Minnie Mouse all day long... It's great. I love those little daily battles that every mother faces. What would we do if we didn't have some type of battle with our child(ren) one day? It just wouldn't be right. :)


Mitch, Ali, and Baylor said...

Hadlie is so cute! I miss you guys!

Kasey said...

Love the pics, Hadlie is a doll. Great job on the headbands! They are cute, I'll take a practice one :)

Chelsea and David said...

Mackenzie, Hadlie is so cute!! I love your headbands. One day when I get a little girl I would totally love some :)