Monday, August 20, 2012

Boy or Girl???

Well we went to the doctor today and got to do our big 20 week ultrasound. Can I just say this? I would be the worst ultrasound tech in the world... I'm pretty sure.
Me: oh is that a foot?
Ultrasound man: Um no that is the umbilical cord.
Haha yeah I was way off and when he said... Can you tell what you are having? I was thinking, "Umm a baby with five legs?" haha I couldn't tell a thing. So he pointed it out to me to me and we found out out little baby is a BOY!!! As you can see by my punctuation marks... I was very happy about the matter. Hadlie, on the other hand was not. I will share some pics of our little man with you but be prepared. He was either being camera shy or he was just being a boy who got comfortable and wouldn't move for you no matter how hard you tried. The 4D pic shows his cute little face... planted right in the placenta?!? Haha so it's a little tricky to make something out of them but believe me, there is a baby in the pics!

We're so excited to meet this little man!! :)

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The Pe'a Family said...

Congrats Mackenzie! You guys deserve it!