Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to the Third Trimester... 28 weeks

So here we are in the third trimester. I can't believe how the time is flying by. I feel as if time is running out and there is so much to get done! Friday I have yet another Dr's appt. and I get to be tested for Gestational Diabetes. They give you an orange drink that is pretty much like a "melted popsicle" as the girl described it to me and because my appt. starts at 8:20am I have to start drinking by 7:15am... Mmmm... now that's my kind of breakfast. But hopefully I pass the Diabetes test because that would not be very fun. But this little girl inside me just keeps kicking like crazy and keeps growing every day. The only part that is getting hard for me right now is the back pains all night long, so I need to either stock up on Tylenol or figure a new way to sleep at night. Other than that, life has been great.
School is ALMOST done for the semester which is always a great feeling. Just a few more papers and tests to finish up and it'll be Christmas before we know it. And I just really need to pass my Stats class, wow I cannot begin to explain how close this one might be, but I guess time will tell. Aaron is working hard with Farm Bureau and also doing well in school. It's his 25th birthday tomorrow and he's not that thrilled about it. I think it's great, it sounds like an accomplishment, "I've lived for a quarter of a century." It's nice! Ha I can't wait until I'm 25! ha Then maybe people will get off my back for "being so young and popping out babies?!" ha Alright well if you don't hear from about other things, I should have another picture next week of the baby bump!


Anonymous said...

I've heard that orange drink is the most disgutsing thing in the world. haha. Good luck with that.

Nicole said...

Kenz, you look so cute! :)

Lindsey Petersen said...

Your pretty much a Hottie