Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a surprise!

Aaron and I consider ourselves very lucky and blessed. When I was only 8 weeks, we had the opportunity to go to the Dr. and check out some concerns we had. This was the very first ultrasound and to our surprise, we found twins! We were so overwhelmed and yet excited all at the same time.

About three weeks later, we went in for our original Dr. appt and because of the exciting news at the last appt, they were going to do another ultrasound due to the many complications that can take place when having twins. Our doctor found Baby B's heart beat and then he searched and searched for Baby A's but could not find it. He then got an image of it and he explained that our sweet Baby A had passed away and didn't make it.
The feeling I had was like someone had stabbed me in the heart, and ripped my heart out and I just cried and cried. I still had to get my lab work done and talk to the medical financial lady because we still had one baby and "the show must go on." But I couldn't hold my tears back and my sweet husband Aaron was holding me and taking care of everything for me. We were both heartbroken. It was an amazing thing to experience, only knowing about these twins for about three weeks and they were the size of little beans, and the attachment our hearts made with these two sweet spirits. There were so many questions we had but I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and has a plan for each of us, even the little babies that are 8 weeks old in the womb. So we consider ourselves so lucky to have an actual picture of our two little babies together. :) I can't wait to meet that baby one day.
As for the other one, I am currently about 27 weeks and we found out that we are having a little girl who is going to melt her daddy's heart and we are so excited!
Now we just need to decide on a name...

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