Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Fun Continued...

Decorations pulled together by my awesome sister-in-law Lindsey. She's so talented. Thanks for all your help Linds!
In this picture is a girl who came all the way from Uraguay... haha ok not really, but kind of. This is one of my best friends Aubree whom I met at Snow College my first year, she was a roomie. She just got back from her mission in Uraguay and had only been home for 2 weeks so it was so great to have her there.

This was all the party friends who joined us... ok pretty much all my friends. Trust me, trying to find a group of one year olds to join us was some tough stuff. haha jk But Hadlie is still a little too young for her own friends to be celebrating a birthday party, right? :)

My best friends Carli and Lindsey. Carli came from Salt Lake and Linds came all the way from Russia! ha jk again, but she just got back from her mission also but had only been on for one week. It's good to see these girls again. :)

The GIANT #1 balloon... Hadlie is getting ready for some serious destroying of the cake... dun dun dun.

And she destroyed it... as a one year old would. :)


This girl does not mess around one bit.

Happy Birthday Hadlie Bug... it's been a great first year, probably the best year of your life! ;)

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