Thursday, June 9, 2011

Washington State Trip

Howdy Doody to anyone who reads this dear abandoned blog of mine. :) So a few things have happened since Hadlie's birthday back in February. Aaron and I decided it was time to take a trip. And what better place to travel to than "God's land" in Washington state. Aaron served his misison in Tacoma, WA so we thought it would make for a great trip to go visit all those awesome families he knew. Plus, there was a mission farewell we wanted to catch on Easter Sunday. His name is Carl Spencer and I think he really looked up to Aaron a lot when he was younger. So Aaron had worked everything out with Carl's mom and we totally surprised him the night we arrived to Washington. He opened the door and said, "DOOLIN!! What the freak are you doing here??" haha It was fun to see him. The picture above was taken after his talk on Easter Sunday.

Hadlie Easter morning getting a nice refreshing drink from her spray bottle.

We stayed in the Roberts mansion and Jen was awesome! She had her three little kiddies running around and they were so cute. This was Easter morning and Jen's little Easter Bunny even brought Hadlie some treats.

Family photo on Easter Sunday.

Saturday morning we headed to Seattle to go sightseeing. Jen was our tour guide and she had her three little kids Jackson, London, and Beckom. We actually lost Beckom for about 15 minutes and it was honestly so scary. Jen was crying her eyes out, calling the cops, I was watching all the rest of the kids and praying and it was the biggest relief when I saw Aaron come out of a building packing Beckom who had no idea what was going on. It was a huge eye opener to me of how scary and easy it is to lose sight of your children in busy little cities. I'm not used to that in little Logan, UT! But besides that little episode, we had a really good time. The sun was shining and kept us warm all day. Everyone said we couldn't have chosen a better day to experience rainy Seattle.

After Seattle, we headed back to Puyallup, WA and ate dinner with this cute little family. They are the Emmits. Nena (the mom) was actually a suragate mother for Jen's baby London. I think that is so cool - that is a true friend. And just in case it crossed your mind, it is illegal to pay suragate mother's one penny. The only thing you can do is pay the hospital bills. So yes, a true friend. Ryan (the dad) is a chiroprachtor and a dang good chef on the side. I'm pretty sure he could open up a little restaurant and do excellent.

We were told by the Wellock boys that this little doughnut shop was the best ever - so we had to make a stop and....? Well they were right. I probably could've eaten the whole bag of those little mini doughnuts!

They have these giant piggy banks all over the place. We decided to ride it - Hadlie was not very fond of it.

Hadlie Bug and Mommy. :)

This was just goofy. But at this market, you can order your fish and they throw it in the air to you and you are suppose to catch it. Personally, that doesn't really sound like a good time, but some people really got a kick out of it.

Daddy and Hadlie bought me a tulip... my favorite flower. :) They seriously had SO many tulips at the market. They looked so pretty.

(We decided to just take a picture since they charged so much money to go up inside it.)

Friday we went to Olympia, WA to visit more families. This is the puget sound (I think that's what they call it?) It was very cold that day - I packed like we were going to California in July!

This was just a great picture to show how WA is packed with trees... everywhere! It is definitely a beautiful place, but when you're used to being able to see the mountains, it starts to feel very chlostraphobic.

This was the plane ride there. Both of them, just fast asleep. Hadlie did really well on the airplane. The air wasn't working so it was SO hot and by the end of the flight she was very antsy to get off. But overall, she did great.

This is the Wellock family. He is a family doctor and they were members when Aaron was on his mission. But he diagnosed Aaron with Type II diabetes while he was on his mission and took such good care of him. (Sorry my pics were so scattered.)
I was actually sad to come home. It was amazing to me how I grew to love all the families within seconds of meeting them. They all felt like family to me. So we had a great time on our trip. We're really glad we did it.

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