Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easter Party

Happy Easter family pic!

An all-time classic photo. :) haha My Aunt Sally's face is priceless. Gotta love family right?! The funny part is that's not my hand. My cousin Tia wanted to be in the picture somewhere. ha

Leave it to my sister-in-law Lindsey to hide Easter eggs 10 feet above the children's heads. haha She said, "That's what their dad's are for!" And sure enough, it turns out that is what they're for!

8 out of 9 of those children are the grandbabies in my immediate family. Most of them are not so baby anymore... it's kind of crazy how fast kids grow up. Paige is going to be baptized this summer so three of them will have been baptized! It really is crazy. Left to Right:
Dilon, Wyler, Rylee, sad Hadlie, Paige, "Danno" (my aunts grandson), Conner who is holding Graysen, and beautiful Paityn who had dance pictures. haha What a crew! They really are cute kids - kind of crazy at times, but they just wouldn't be normal if they weren't crazy. Right? :)

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