Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Exciting Events

Aaron is quite the sucker for his little daughter. She was fascinated with strumming guitars so Aaron found a little cheap one online and bought it for her. She loves to play it. The funny part is, now we have a guitar in our home and no one to play it. Who knows, maybe Hadlie will be our little country star or something? (Gpa Petersen did buy her some cowgirl boots, ya never know!)

Cute dress Sister Wellock got Hadlie while we were visiting in Washington. Isn't she so cute?

We were able to go stay at Aaron's aunts house in Provo to watch his little brother Ben throw at State Track and he took first place!! He threw a 48 a smoked everyone else. Way to go Ben!!

Afterwards, we went bowling with Aaron's cousin Brandon. It was Hadlie's first time bowling. She had a blast! And I did pretty good myself. I almost broke 100... wahoo, go me! ha

Sitting in the sun with Aaron's family. This is Ashley and Kelsie.

And this is Hadlie waving to me from like a mile away. Haha

This picture of my twinkle toes was actually taken today. It is the reason I have had all day long to catch on my blog. :) I went to the foot doctor this morning and I had all 4 corners of my toenails cut out! I was SO nervous but the doctor did a great job. They actually spray really cold stuff on your feet so you can't even feel the needle as they are numbing you. My toes are still numb and will probably be until tomorrow. So you really don't feel a thing. And they cut, dig, clean, pull weird stuff out, (haha) and bandage them all up. They weren't really infected but I've always had problems with ingrown toenails and I had just had it. So I did!

I still look like an excited little kid to celebrate my birthday. haha My sweet friend Aubree came up to stay at my place this past weekend and she made a point to celebrate my birthday because she wasn't sure if she'd see me by the time my birthday came around. So she made this awesome and delicious cake and we had a little birthday bash.

She even got me a gift. I don't know if you can tell in this picture but it is the sharing time book for Primary. Which leads me to some new exciting news...
I was called as the 1st Counselor in the Primary!! We had our first Presidency meeting last night and we had a blast. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun in this calling.

So we have had a lot of fun and exciting things happening to our little family lately. Aaron is really enjoying serving as the 1st counselor in the Young Men's. Because I am now in the Primary presidency, the President said that Hadlie could start going to Nursery now where she is only 2 months away from being old enough. (I can't tell you how excited we both are for her to go to Nursery. Church is a NIGHTMARE with an active child who doesn't want to sit in Sunday School and Relief Society! :)

Hadlie is growing up too fast. It is kind of sad but yet her little personality is very funny - and fiesty might I add! She is kind of in a tantrum stage and it is so not cute - but according to all the other parents I have talked to, it is normal. I can't wait for her to talk to me. I would probably drop to the floor in tantrums too if no one could understand a word I was trying to say. haha Beyond all of that though, she really is a sweetheart. Aaron and I love her so much. She is like our whole entire world.

Well... until next time. You stay classy San Diego!
(Name that movie...)


Mitch and Ali said...

I love your blog! You guys are the best neighbors! Thanks for making us feel so welcome!

Nick & Autumn Van Komen said...

Anchor man?? haha (you can make fun of me if i spelled that wrong haha)

Neugebauers said...

ANCHORMAN!! Oh kenz! I can't believe you had the courage to get your toes done. I remember accidentally tapping a corner of your toe once and you almost died. Then we went and watched Kam get his done. Haha I don't know why? I think I just tagged along everywhere. Aubz looks like a master baker! Looks like everything is going well. Congrats on your calling! I love the primary :) Anywho... I can't wait to see you and miss hads on Tuesday! love ya