Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hadlie's Blessing Day

April 11, 2010
This was such a special day to see Hadlie be blessed by her daddy. Before she was born, my mom actually showed me some things in her cedar chest and she pulled out my blessing dress that I wore as a baby. She had taken such good care of it because it hadn't discolored or anything. I immediately knew that I wanted my little girl to be blessed in my blessing dress. That was really special to me. :)

I'm thinking Hadlie is a lot taller than I was as a baby because it is a little short on her, but what do you expect when her dad is 6'4"? She still looked so stinkin' cute!

Our cute little family photo.
On this day, once again, Aaron and I were reminded how important family and friends mean to us. All of our immediate family members were there (except for Linds cuz she just had her baby boy). And once again, I was so impressed to see Aaron's family come together for such events. The majority of his family lives in the Provo and Cedar City areas in UT. Our church was at 9:00am. They all booked hotel rooms just so they could be here to support our little Hadlie. And the one that I am always impressed by is Aaron's grandparents from New Mexico and also his uncle and little cousin. They made a really long trip just to be there. I just think it is so wonderful to see this kind of support and committment. That is what families are all about. :) Even my best friends and co workers came for Hadlie's special day! There is just such a wonderful feeling when you are able to look around you and see that you are completely surrounded by those you love. That's what life is about and I believe that is what Heaven will be all about too. Being surrounded by those we love forever and ever.
We are truly so blessed and we just want to thank everyone for their love and support. Because of where we are at in our lives, we are having to rely a lot on the help of others. We couldn't do it alone and that is why Heavenly Father places certain people in our lives at certain times. So thank you so much to everyone around us, we love you. :)

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The Wintertons said...

Kenzie, I'm not sure if you remember me or not from Snow, but I do remember you! I'm so excited I found your blog! :) You have such an adorable little family!