Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hadlie's First Easter

My brother Kam and his wife Lindsey had their little man Graysen the day before Easter Sunday. So on our Easter Sunday, we took a drive down to visit our newest little family member.

Hadlie and Gray are about two months apart... even though she looks like a baby giant compared to him. Ha Keep in mind she started out a 9lb baby and Graysen was just a little guy. 5lb 4oz. I just love this pic though, it really makes me laugh. :)And this is what the Easter bunny brought us. Hadlie got that cute Easter dress and her first bunny rabbit. Aarond got a new belt and some new shirts from Old Navy... great place to buy for Big & Tall if anyone is struggling to find cute clothes for their husbands who are taller than your avg guy. :) And the Easter bunny got me a certificate for a 1 hr massage and that really cute statue looking thing. It has a mom and a dad holding their new baby... it's called "Our Gift." I love those faceless people. :)

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