Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just some Fun Pics of the Hadlie Bug

So this is the funny thing. I don't have the pic on my computer to upload it on my blog, BUT the 3D ultrasound pic we have of Hadlie, she is doing the exact same thing with her hands up in the air by her head just like this. Ha I love it. It's one of my favorite things to see. We wrap her up so dang tight in that blanket and she somehow always wiggles out of it! How do babies do it?

You've gotta love bathtime! :) Hadlie really loves to take baths. It is especially fun to watch her kick her legs so hard in the water and then she splashes herself in the face with the water. She gets so excited!

And this is just a really cute pic of Hadlie kickin it in the swing at work. (She probably is really thinking more along the lines of, "Can we please get out of this building? I feel like I live here more than my real home and it is such a nice day outside. What are we doing here mom?!") She really is a trooper though and my co-workers are really great to help me out and be patient when things get a little stressful for Hadlie. :)

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