Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to Work!

Yes, Hadlie and I are back to work. 3 weeks after she was born we went back. I work at Cache Valley Oxygen and we are so lucky because Hadlie is able to come with me everyday until she is 6 months old. That will get us through the entire summer. So this picture is our first day back in the office.
I call this the "Baby Hotel" because it is seriously the most high class pac'n'play I have ever seen! My co-worker Brannon brought it for us to use. It holds our diapers and has a little changning table that folds out. So that's where all the fun stories happen. Like Hadlie pooped on my hand while I was changing her. Then Heidi my other co-worker started to change that diaper (because I was washing my hands) and Hadlie peed all over her hands! Ha Definitely some funny stories.

This little carrying device is also Brannon's. (She's so great. She also let me use ALL of her maternity clothes which was two great big totes full. She's helped me out so much through all of this baby stuff.) But this wrap thing is crazy. I had never seen one before. It's like a mile long I swear... ha Kasey always has to remind how you wrap it around yourself but she helped me to get Hadlie all snuggled into it next to me. She loved it. She slept for a long time... and then she pooped all over the herself, the wrap thing, and me! The joys of parenthood. :)

This is also another classic position you will find Hadlie in at my work. I can bounce her and she will usually fall asleep for quite awhile. (I just have to watch her head because sometimes she lifts it up in her sleep and I have to make sure she doesn't smack it on my desk!?) But this way, I am hands free and can type and answer the phones really easy.

Kasey is so dang nice and made cupcakes for Hadlie's 1 month mark. It was quite a day for Hadlie. She came to work and watched everyone ELSE eat her cupcakes! :) But it was fun, I cannot believe how fast the time flies. Everyone is always telling me, "Enjoy it while they're young because they grow up so fast." I am already starting to feel that, but it is very exciting to see all the new things they learn to do each and every day.

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Nicole said...

kenz, you are such a cute mom!