Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Is that a new shirt??"

Ok so these pictures are just here because she is so stinkin' cute and that is one of my favorite outfits so far. Anyway, the title of this represents my stupidity and because this is my blog, the place where you can write anything and everything you want, I'm going to share my stupidity with you. Haha

So Hadlie is 6 weeks old now and I went to my 6 week checkup with my OBGYN. I got up and threw on a brand new shirt that Aaron had bought me shortly after Hadlie was born... from Aeropostale to be specific. I ripped the tag off from my armpit and left for my appt. Obviously you have to undress from the waist down because the Dr. needs to check you and make sure everything is normal as far as recovery goes from pushing out a 9lb watermelon!

So he starts to check me and all of a sudden he asks, "Is that a new shirt?" Immediately I felt so dumb because how ELSE would he know it was a new shirt. I said, "Yeah??" And he just says very politely, "You still have the tag on." Haha I about died. (And just to note, this was as I was being checked... as if its not already awkward enough?!) Anyway, I sat up and could barely find it because it was one of those little round stickers with the size on it! I'd only been wearing that like... ALL MORNING LONG! Ha Story of my life.

As a depressing part of that appointment, I told him that I was still flowing in the downstairs and he let me know that it wasn't normal for that to still be happening. He explained that I might have something inside like placenta leftovers or something that shouldn't be. So he had me schedule an ultrasound the next morning and sure enough, the lab tech found a nice big chunk of "material" up inside.

The way thye fix all of this is by doing a D&C and I am SUPER excited! Not really, but I am thankful for the technology these days to be able to fix these problems. If I were a pioneer back in the day, if I even survived child birth, I would probably die from bleeding to death because no one would know how to fix the problem! But I go in on the 23rd and they will put me out and go up and scrape me out! So we're hopin for a quick recovery because the next day I have a Relief Society Birthday Dinner and it should be really nice and as the 1st Counselor in the Relief Society, I would really like to go. So wish me luck!
Oh and I'll be sure to remove ALL tags before I go in for my surgery. :)

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