Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is just a funny story but I had to wake up early the other morning. I can't remember why, probably to feed Hadlie or something. But I roll out of bed and the radio had been playing (as an alarm) and I shut it off but I don't recall anything specific of what was playing on the radio.
Anyway, my sweet husband Aaron was fast asleep, but then he needed to change positions and he stretched and as he was rolling over he sang (in the most sleepy beautiful way ever)...

"DOT COM!!!"

And just like that he was out cold. Haha It definitely made my whole day. He's so great and makes me laugh. Love ya Air Bear!

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Lauren and Justin said...

Kenz Benz!! She is stinkin adorable!! I need to come up there and see you guys!!! Oh maybe someday soon!