Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Labor Story

I was 40 weeks and ready to pop. Actually, I was two days past my due date and tired of not being able to tie my shoes, put socks on, walk normal, zip up my coats, and all the other joys of being pregnant. I had fun while it lasted but it was time to be over. My doctor, Dr. Olsen, told about Logan Regional Hospital's policy and how they cannot start you on petocin, if there were no other complications, until you were one whole week past your due date. Crazy I know. So there I was at work, one day past my due date, and I freaked out a little. I thought I couldn't feel my baby move anymore. (But what do you expect when you have such a big baby all crammed up inside a stomach? I probably wouldn't be moving around much either!) So, deep down I knew she was ok, but I thought I'd use it as an excuse to get started at my Dr's appt. the following day. It was worth a try, right?
We went to my appt. at 9:00am and Dr. Olsen came in to check me. I had high hopes that I had made lots of progression, but I was wrong. No progression whatsoever. I mentioned to him my concern about her movement (although I knew she was ok, and he did too), but I got hooked up to do stress tests to see how the baby was. As I was sitting there, Dr. Olsen came back in and looked at me and said, "So, you are concerned about your baby's movement, right?" And I looked at him and said, "Yes..." (That way, he had something to document for their policy.) And he said, "Ok, let's have a baby today!" I was a little shocked and nervous but really excited. So I didn't even leave the hospital, I just moved up to the next level, labor and delivery floor.
I got changed and got my IV in and started on the petocin by 11:00am. Aaron left after that to run some errands (since we weren't planning on having the baby that day) such as taking our rent check and getting my suitcase that he packed for me and changing from his work clothes to normal clothes. So I hung out by myself for about an hour. I don't remember much, probably because I was in shock that I was really going to have a baby soon.
Our first nurse was nice. She kept coming in to ask me what my pain level was and how much I thought I could tolerate until I got my epidural. I went with the number 6 (on a scaled 1 to 10). My body really wasn't doing much but hanging out, oh and starving to death (ice and Popsicles only go so far for a hungry pregnant woman). Aaron and I took a walk on that floor, just as something to do; a change of scenery I guess. Aaron held my IV pole and I help my big belly. Finally around 5:00pm Dr. Olsen came up after a hard day's work and checked my status. not much dilation so he opted to break my water. I looked at him and said, "So how does this work? You just stick that giant crochet thing up there and then I just basically pee the bed?" They laughed and said, "Yet, that's pretty much how it goes." I was like, "Ok? Whatever?!" It took awhile for him to hook it just right but then there was no mistake about it when I felt the wetness, just as if I had peed the bed. And to think that grown-ups don't do that kind of stuff.
Aaron and I whipped out the phase 10 cards and night at the museum II DVD. The movie was over and then I had to call off the card game because I could tell that it was game time. The contractions were getting harder and harder. I was getting really uncomfortable. So I just have to say, there is no way of preparing for these labor contractions. They seriously hurt so bad and there is no escaping them! It doesn't matter if you lay down, or curl your body up, or crouch down while standing, they will still be there making you want to cry. Aaron was honestly my hero. He didn't leave my side once and helped me to focus. He would count with me (although to some point I couldn't even concentrate on counting because the pain was so bad.)
Our nurse came in close to 6:00pm and asked what I thought my pain level number was at this point. I said a 7 and that I was ready to get my epidural. Her awesome news for me was that the anesthesiologist had gone to dinner. Go freaking figure!? She said he would probably get there by 6:30pm and I thought to myself, "Ok I can do it. I can be strong." So I watched the clock, five minute increments, no doctor. Just me, my sweet husband, and the worst pains I have ever felt in my life. They continued to get stronger and harder and I was starting to get sick to my stomach. I told Aaron and he grabbed the little pink tray (fast reactions) and I was going through a hard contraction and ralphin in the pink bowl. Aaron held the bowl for me. He was so good to me. It was just honestly so unbearable. 6:30pm came around, still no doctor. The clock kept ticking and I wanted to cry. I remember looking at Aaron, squeezing his hand and saying, "Gosh dangit this hurts!" (Except to keep this story honest, I have to admit, I said the real word. But that was the only cuss word I said through the whole experience. Promise.)
About 7:00pm rolled around and Dr. Skabelund finally came to my room. At this point, I could barely talk and wanted to cry. One good thing is he was super fast. He told me to lay on my side and he crunched my body up into a ball so my spine was poking out. He said, "Now if you get another contraction, I just need you to pant right through it and don't move." I laughed inside thinking that it would be impossible to hold still but Aaron got right down to my face and helped me to get through the contraction. Skabelund asked me if I could hear a ringing in my ear or had a funny taste in my mouth all of a sudden. (Signs of... something gone wrong? Luckily I didn't experience any of those things.)
After this point, I was so happy and in heaven, I couldn't believe how amazingly awesome I felt. no more contractions (that I could feel anyway) just like that! Aaron finally went and got some food for himself because I was now at ease. But then it was time to get a new nurse because our original nurse's shift ended. So she placed a catheter inside me because as you can imagine it is not very bright for someone to get up and walk to the bathroom when their legs are completely numb. Now it was just a matter of dilating to a 10 and we were in for a wait. They noticed that baby's heart rate (or something) would drop a little because of my epidural so they made me put on the oxygen mask to keep her happy. (It was really annoying to have on my face, but if it was for the baby's well being then I was willing to wear it.) Aaron took a nap on the tiny uncomfortable couch and I tried to nap but it was hard to help with the oxygen mask blowing air in my face. Time went by and the nurse kept coming in to check my progression. I was going so slow, it seemed that I would never get to a 10. I remember watching some show on like a Discovery channel where a husband and wife and their little baby got stuck in a snow storm and they were not very prepared and ended up walking in the freezing cold for an entire week! What this has to do with my labor?... Nothing really. I just remember the show pretty vividly. Haha Anyway, by 1:00am she checked me and it was a miracle, I finally got to a 10! She said that we were going to wait for one hour to allow the contractions to basically help work the baby downward on its own rather than using all of my energy. (Rest & Decent) Although I had an epidural, and it was so wonderful, I was starting to feel the pressure of my baby coming downward. It was very uncomfortable and the pain was starting to get stronger. One hour had gone by, it was 2:00am and it was go time. She taught me the method of how to push. Her and Aaron would push my knees up to my chest. I had to have her remind me that it was completely normal to pass gas or even poo a little. Haha (You seriously lose all dignity you ever once had when it's time to have a baby.) She asked if I wanted to have the mirror and I told her yes. (At first I thought it was a little freaky because I'm not a huge fan of looking in the downstairs area, but I thought I'd have it out there anyway and I'm glad I did.)
As the contractions came, I kept pushing and breathing and pushing and breathing. I had to continue to wear the oxygen mask which was really a pain when I was trying to push so hard and breathe all at once. About 2:45am the nurse decided to call Dr. Olsen and have him come to deliver our baby. As I would push, the nurse kept saying, "Oh look at how much hair she has! Keep pushing!" Because I had the mirror, I could see the head which was extremely motivational. I could also see other things I was pushing out, that however, was not very motivational. Haha Dr. Olsen arrived about 3:00am and the nursery nurse arrived also. As Dr. Olsen got all ready, I just kept on pushing. As I was pushing and almost done with the pushing routine, he asked me if I could give him one more big push and I saw the mirror and could see a lot more head coming out. This was enough for me to push harder than I have ever pushed in my life. I felt her head come out and he basically did the rest to get the rest of her body out. I heard the most beautiful scream of a baby I have ever heard. Then he delivered the placenta,. which was such a relieving feeling. All of the pressure was gone just like that. (I have heard that it felt like taking the biggest poo ever and it was true! Haha)
Hadlie Layne Doolin was born at 3:11am. 8lbs 15oz, it was a good thing I didn't wait any longer to have her, she would've been a really big baby. She was also 21in long. They wiped her off and put her directly on my bare chest (kangaroo hold) and I got a littler teary eyed. I couldn't believe that I was holding my baby. She was so beautiful and I was just so overwhelmed with joy. Aaron cut the cord and Dr. Olsen also let him inspect the placenta with him. Aaron thought that was pretty cool. (Don't forget the joke about the Placenta Fajitas... Aaron thinks he is so funny.) Right after she was born, Dr. Olsen pushed on my stomach to make sure everything was ok and he totally pushed a tooters right out of me... right in his face!! Haha I was almost mortified but yet I wanted to laugh my head off. Instead I ignored it all and focused on my new baby. Dr. Olsen had to stitch me up because I had a 2nd degree tear which he said was pretty average. I personally thought it wasn't too bad for pushing out such a large baby! When he was done, he congratulated us and left... probably to go back to bed. (What a life. haha) The nurse got me some food and I tried to nurse Hadlie.
After one hour, they wheeled us up to the next level of the hospital, labor recovery. We hit yet another shift change so we got a new set of nurses. One nurse came in to take care of me and another came in to give Hadlie her first bath. Aaron was so exhausted that he opted to not help out with the bath. By the time everyone left (including Aaron because I wasn't about to let him sleep on the tiny couch in the hospital) and I could go to sleep, it was about 6:30am. I had so many emotions running through my head that I could not fall asleep. Plus by this time, people were already starting the new day! I was completely off schedule. Then more nurses came, Aaron came back to me after a few hours of sleep for him, and then visitors came. Such as my parents and all of Aaron's family drove up from Cedar City that day. Needless to say, I went about 48 hours with no sleep. So that night Araon made me take an Ambien and have the nursery take Hadlie for the night so that I could get some sleep. It was much needed. Saturday came around and we just enjoyed the pampering of all the nurses taking care of everything. We decided to leave after dinner around 7:00pm. We took Hadlie home and started the real adventure!
Aaron was seriously such an amazing "labor coach" and such a sweetheart. He took care of my every need and I could feel his love for me with every step of the process. And when I saw Hadlie for the first time, I had never felt so happy with my life ever before. I love my husband. and I love our little family that we have started. I am not a perfect mommy, but I try each and every day. Hadlie is a little trooper, she puts up with going to work with me and doing school with me also. We will get through it all. She is a sweetheart and I love her so much. And that is my once in a lifetime experience for my first labor story.


Neugebauers said...

WOW. Props. Love you!

Brian and Becca Moore said...

Okay so you don't know me at all, but I am Carli's Aunt. I love reading your blog, you just write in such a cute, sweet way. Today has been "one of those days" where I have wanted to cry all day. Well I just did, but it was because I was laughing so hard! Your birth story is precious, but the "tooters" part was hilarious! I was laughing so hard I was crying and about to hyperventilate. Thank you for blessing me today with your honesty and offering me the chance to share in your joy! Congrats to you and Aaron and welcome to the amazing part of life called Mommyhood. :)