Thursday, March 25, 2010

Holes in a woman's uterus... bad combo...

Boy do I have a story for you. So as I have mentioned in earlier posts that I was going to have to have a D&C done because I had "retained materials" left from labor which was causing me to bleed. (Yes, if you'd like to do the math, that is a FREAKING long time to be wearing the big girl diapers.) So in all reality I thought, "Ok this will be a good thing. Everyone has said they are smooth these days, just go in, scrape it out, and then maybe I'll stop bleeding. Easy enough!" So I would like to share my experience with you now. :)

Tuesday morning I first went to my dentist appt and surprise... I have a few cavities that I'll get fixed on Monday. My mom took work off to come watch Hadlie while Aaron took school off to take me to the hospital for the surgery. When we got there the nurse was getting me all ready, you know the drill. Pee in cups, weigh yourself, change into the cute hospital gown, get your IV put in. So we get to this point and now it is just a matter of time for them to wheel me on down to the OR. But I waited a long time. That surgical center is crazy chaotic! My room faced right out to the desk where everything is planned and nurses were everywhere, "No I need that patient in room 3 not 6." "Dr. so and so is running 20 min behind!" It was an eye opener on how organized these hospitals have to be.

Finally, my doctor came into my room to see if I was all ready and if I had any questions for the simple procedure. I was just reading some lame textbook and I really didn't have any questions. I just wanted to get it over with. So after he left, the OR nurse came in and asked me basically the same thing. I told her no questions still. So she left. Then the anesthesiologist came in and he had more to go over because you have to sign that form that pretty much says, "I am aware that I could die from the anesthesia..." ha So we signed the papers, and he said, alright let's go! I kissed Aaron goodbye and I remember getting wheeled into the OR and hearing rap music! ha I was like, "Nice choice of music guys!" Dr. Olsen looked at me and said, "I actually chose this today." And I said, "Really?" And he laughed and shook his head like heck no. The nurse girl was like, "It could be worse. Sometimes we get the BOM on tape!" Ha So they just start doing their thing. And Dr. Olsen asked me if I was ok, I said yes, and that was that. Lights out and I took my long nap.

Well a lot apparently happened during that long nap. I remember when I came to I was in like this recovery room and a nurse was monitoring my vitals and she mentioned something to me about my incisions. I thought, "Wait a minute... incisions? Did they do the wrong procedure on me because I never remember hearing anything about incisions?" My throat hurt super bad too. And she told me that they sedated me pretty heavily so they put that breathing tube down my throat. Then I was super confused. After awhile, some man drove my bed back to my room where my husband was waiting for me.

Dr. Olsen came in to check up on me and tell me a little bit more on what happened. (He had already talked to Aaron and explained it.) Well they put the camera inside me and could see about a quarter sized piece of whatever that needed to come out. The bad part about it is that this whole procedure is done by feel. So they take this took up there to scrape it out. However, because I just barely had a baby, the lining of my uterus was so thin and I started to bleed a ton inside. He poked a hole in my uterus. I looked at him all shocked (even though I was just teasin) and I said, "You what?! You poked a hole in my uterus?!?" Ha I could tell that he felt really bad. But because of this, they had to do what is called a laparoscopy. So they made one incision at my belly button and one down in the pelvic area. They pump you with air to get a more clear image of everything iside. But he said with the tool he was using, he could have poked a hole in my intestines. So they had to make sure they didn't do that. Then they cotterized the hole in my uterus to stop that bleeding. And I think that is all that happened during my nap. :)

He said I looked really pale which scared him because that is a sign of losing blood still so someone came and drew my blood but it was fine. So that was good because he was going to keep me overnight if it was too low. But I missed my baby and wanted to go home. But they kept me there til about 7pm because my O2 levels kept dropping. I finally was allowed to go home and it was a good thing because I was starting to say some loopy things Aaron says. They gave me another hospital mug (so I have 3 now) and I looked at Aaron dead serious and said, "Do you think I can sell one? I have a lot now!" ha Anyway, I went home and saw my baby and then I felt happy again.

The incisions hurt when Hadlie accidentally kicks one of them. I haven't experienced much cramping or anything. The worst part of the entire thing is the air that they pump inside your body! Oh my HECK! It's an awful feeling. But it is mostly gone now... 2 days later. So now I'm just hoping that the flow will stop in the downstairs and everything will heal the way it is supposed to. Think positive right?! & enjoy the journey whatever comes your way.


Lynnette said...

oh, you poor thing! are you feeling any better?

Leslee Belle said...

geeze kensy that sounds terrible! i love the story about the new shirt! haha thats hilarious! hadlie is a doll and i hope your feelin better!