Friday, January 28, 2011

Bear Lake Trip

These are my awesome aunts: Sherry, Sue, Sal and my awesome mom. :) We went to our cabin in Bear Lake during the Fall and spent a couple nights there. We always have so much fun, these sisters are so crazy together, it always makes me laugh. My Aunt Sally introduced us all to "Geo-cashing." (Not even sure how to spell it?!) But apparently, it's a pretty popular thing around the world. So we did some in the hills of Bear Lake.

My first Geo-cashing prize from the Bear Lake State Park. Pretty exciting. :)

My Aunt Sherry brought her puppy dog Polo and he needed to get out and play in the water so we stopped at the beach. It's a good thing because Hadlie couldn't get enough of it.

Me & my Bug! :) This trip is when she started her "ew" sound - I'm pretty sure she was saying it for this picture.

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