Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Post...

This is my cute dad zipping Hadlie up in his coat before we went outside after watching a sweet USU basketball game. Those games are so loud! Everytime people clapped, Hadlie would start to clap with them. The noise didn't bother her at all. We had a lot of fun.

This was her Thanksgiving dinner platter at Gma & Gpa Doolin's house in Cedar. We had a great time there. The next morning, Muth Doolin, Ashley, and myself went and did the crazy Black Friday shopping. We had lots of fun, and even better... got great deals on gifts!

Aaron's family took a day trip up to the Salt Lake City area. I had already made plans with my mom and aunts to go to Gardener Village, so Aaron hung out with his family all day. Later that night, we hooked back up and all went to Iggy's Sportgrill - best french fries ever! We know it could be worse, but Cedar City is still far far away from Logan. So it was fun to see them.

And this girl likes to chomp on pickles. Chomp & swallow, chomp & swallow. I know this because of what I found the next day in her diaper. Tripped me out. haha (Sorry, probably a little TMI.) Gotta love parenthood! :)

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