Friday, January 28, 2011

Hadlie's 1st Christmas!!

So she's not really showing it on her face, but this little baby doll (who Aaron calls "Aunt Jamima") has won Hadlie's heart over. She will give her loves and kisses. It is the cutest thing. She's definitely a girl.

So you'd never be able to guess by her face, but I am actually the one who woke her up on Christmas morning. Yes, I was SO excited that I couldn't stand to wait any longer so I woke up my 10 1/2 month old daughter on Christmas morning. A little overboard? I think not. :)

I got a sweet new Columbia coat. It fit perfectly & I love it.

Our cute little nativity scene. I also had us do a fun little countdown thing. In each of those cubby's, there was a paper that had a thought, a scripture, a suggestion to do something, and a Hymn or Primary song to sing. It really added a spiritual touch to Christmas, which I think we all can use. So it was fun!

And this is a Doolin Christmas tradition! Aaron's grandma started it but the whole thing is handmade. They're little sequins sewed on to the stockings to make the designs. I have a cool piano. Hadlie has a ladybug on her. The girls all have churches on them. And our little family all has candy canes. Isn't that cool!? The scary part is that I am in charge of my grandchildren's stockings... I guess that gives me a few years to learn how to do it. :)

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