Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy 1st Halloween!!!

So I always wanted to carve a sweet pumpkin like this so Aaron and I made the perfect team. I designed the face and Aaron was the pro-carver. It kind of looked like Mator to us - we loved it!

Hadlie really loved it. If you notice the pillow in her hook on high chair, she actually got bored watching us carve the pumpkin and she fell asleep, we had grabbed a pillow and caught her head before it dropped on the hard counter top. Then she woke up for all the pictures.

Hadlie & her first pumpkin!

That's true happiness. :)

Hadlie and her cousin Ry & Grandma's house.

The school my mom works at puts on a fun trick-or-treating night for the employees to bring their kids or grandkids, so my mom invited us to join the party. Somehow, me and my brother (and our spouses) were the only siblings who showed up, but ALL the grandbabies were there in attendance... it was busy. Don't mind my camera problem, but from left to right: "Jesse Paityn", Hannah Montana Rylee, Conner as a knight, Dilan as a biker dude, Hadlie Ladybug, Skeleton Graysen (in grandma's arms), Vampire Paige, and Star Wars Wyler.
We had a lot of fun, we lost Jesse Paityn a couple of times, and Wyler definitely met Darth Vator and wanted him to give him a ride on his ship the next day. :) It was fun to get to be with the family.

And last but not least, it was only fitting for our Hadlie Bug to be our little LadyBug for her first halloween costume. She looked so dang cute!

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