Monday, January 11, 2010

Giddy Up at the Texas Roadhouse

Aaron and I went on a date Saturday night, just the two of us. We decided that our days of freedom were about to end, with school starting on Monday and having a baby and all. :) Ha But we had a gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse and two movie tickets so it was a lot of fun. Please notice in this pic the "Outhouse" sign hanging right behind Aaron's head. Ha I thought it was funny.
Two lovebirds. We were SO stinking full. (We kinda ate like Kings and it was delightful.) But we were so stuffed that it was hard to feel comfy while watching the movie in the theatre. We saw Sherlock Holmes, good movie! Anyway, it was a fun date and now school has started and we are back to the grind. :) Go Aggies.


Nicole said...

I just realized how close you were to having your baby! I'm so excited for you. I hope everything is going great and that your online classes will be easy for you this semester with your new babe. love you!

Kate said...

kenz..Brian and I did the exact same date night last week! ha ha great minds think alike! Good lcuk with the delivary!