Friday, January 8, 2010

"Head Down and Ready to Launch"

First of all, my work rocks and I consider myself so lucky to have found this job. I have the most thoughtful co-workers ever and a very generous boss. I get some maternity leave and then when I come back, the baby gets to come with me for 6 months. You don't see that very often now do ya! This past Tuesday, my co-workers threw me a shower and bought me lunch. They gave me that dang cute little giraffe that winds up and plays a lullaby. (I had a turtle when I was a little girl and that's what it made me think of.) Brannon made this stinkin' cute wipes container (the purple and green thing I'm holding) and Kasey (also the girl who takes my weekly belly pics) put together an entire scrapbook for her! She used pics from ultrasounds and my belly pics and then she made it so we have room to continue more pics once she arrives. (She even made a page with her name on it... OLIVIA. Haha - That was her way of putting her word in on what we should name her.) But it's a way sweet book.
And last but not least, let's just say that I will be "pumpin' in style!" Lots of my co-workers all went in on this way nice breast pump for me to have. I'll be honest, I have no idea how to use it, but I know it will be so good to have, especially with my busy schedule. And so I'd just like to thank everyone who is so thoughtful and helping Aaron and I out in so many ways. Thanks guys! :)
And I can't believe I actually put this picture up (because I think I look hideous) but this is the 36 week picture. And as far as the baby status goes, I went to the Dr. today and as you can tell from my title, those were his exact words. "Well, the babies head is down and ready to launch!" Ha I thought it was funny and also relieving because I was planning for the baby to be in the most awkward position and then I'd have to have a C-section. So we're all good! Heartbeat is 160 beats per minute. And my belly measured 38cm which is just a tiny bit ahead of schedule -but nothing too durastic. Next Thurs. he will check to see if my cervix is actually dialating and making progress. But for now... I guess we're ready to launch!? :)

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